We specialize in making one thing and one thing only, and that’s marijuana or weed e juice! After some time testing and hours in the lab trying to come up with the best marijuana e juice we finally came up with a perfect match to give you the exact taste of the real thing but without any active chemicals such as THC. Our e juice does not contain marijuana and it will not get you high so please keep that in mind, we are simply an e juice company who makes weed flavored nicotine vaping e liquids. Our e liquid comes in several different strengths 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg to accommodate our customers liking, we take great pride in serving our customers with only the best ingredients and flavor taste then you can ever imagine. Try a bottle of great GANJA E JUICE today and you will see what everybody is talking about!

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Pearberry Ejuice
Pears & Berries E liquid - No Weed Flavor
Berry Blast Kush Ejuice
Blackberry & Raspberry E liquid
Razzy Ring Pop E juice
Raspberry Ring Pop E liquid - No Weed Flavor
Golden Twinkie Ejuice
Twinkie E liquid - No Weed Flavor

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Pure Bud Flavor - 80's California Strain
50 ml Bud E Liquid Bottle - 1 Flavor Only
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